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Earth Gen-Biofuel Inc. (Earth Gen”) is the largest US based international agribusiness company focused on cultivating Castor Beans a non-food agricultural product for manufacturing clean transportation fuel and for over 700 manufacturing processes. Earth Gen’s goal is to become one of the World’s largest growers of Castor Beans for use as a renewable resource for commercial products. Earth Gen’s farms use land not used for growing food crops.  Earth Gen has over 600 acres of farm operations. The first full-scale harvest of its crops is scheduled for 2016. The Company began operations in Southeast Asia and plans to expand operations to over 6,000 acres by the end of 2017 based on obtaining additional working capital. Earth Gen is also developing operations in Latin America starting in Peru and Mexico and plans to open facilities in the later part of 2016.

Earth Gen believes that castor beans are an agricultural crop already in short supply and in high demand for processing manufactured products in many countries. Moreover, castor bean cultivation has attracted attention as a “renewable energy crop” with high value due to its high oil content in comparison to other edible oil seed crops. Earth Gen’s business model is to meet this growing demand without competing against potentially more valuable crops by cultivating land for growing castor beans in areas of poor soil conditions where such cultivation does not replace the production of food crops and at the same time employ thousands of people with a major economic impact in Earth Gen’s areas of operation.