Castor Seed Oil Industry


As the availability of castor oil increases, that the utilization of castor bean oil in manufacturing processes and clean transportation fuels will also increase driven by its use as clean transportation fuel.

Clean Biodiesel in the U.S. must be at least 20% vegetable oil and 80% petroleum diesel. Castor beans are now considered to be one of the most promising non-edible oil crops due to its high yield potential and its tolerance in diverse environmental conditions. Castor beans grow well   on marginal lands, which are usually unsuitable for food crops. The establishment of “Bioenergy” crops in marginal or degraded lands offers environmental benefits, such as protection from soil erosion and soil nutrient leaching, and improvement of soil properties.

In addition to a growing demand for Clean Biodiesel, Castor Beans are already in high demand as a key ingredient in the manufacture of over 700 commercial products including nylon, fiber optics, plastics, paints, tires, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, and it is used as an additive in approximately 3,000 commercial manufacturing processes. At this time, almost all castor seed oil derived from current bean production is being used in processing commercial products.

Earth Gen 200 Hectare Farm in Northern Laos

Earth Gen 200 Hectare Farm in Northern Laos