Earthgen Biofuel Current Projects

Earth Gen provides certain start-up costs for farmers who have agreed to work with Earth Gen based on their specific type of agreement. In addition to management oversight and product sales, Earth Gen may provide basic items to the farmer such as seeds for planting, agricultural expertise, small planting tools and small harvesting equipment. Earth Gen may also provide start up assistance in the form of access to tractors and land preparation equipment, seedpod processing equipment and transportation. Farmers needing these startup assistance will agree to repay any advances made by Earth Gen from the proceeds of selling their harvest to Earth Gen.

Click on the link below to view details on each project:

Bomlao Village – 50 hectare +

NamHee Village – 50 hectare +

Pakmee Village – 1,000 hectare

Phaliep Village – 1,200 hectare

Tamoun Village – 16 hectare +