World demand for castor beans greatly exceeds current supplies by at least $2 Billion.  Management believes as more castor beans are grown, that even more demand will surface. Earth Gen is taking advantage of a scientific approach to the cultivation of Castor Bean and is expecting a very high level of production for each acre. It is anticipated that this will allow Earth Gen to be a low cost highly productive and competitively priced producer. As the harvest from the first 600 acres are ready for delivery the company has chosen to start delivering to a local castor bean processing facility in Bangkok, Thailand that has a demand for 40,000 tons ($24,000,000) per year. Based on obtaining additional working capital Earth Gen expansion plans for 2016 and 2017 has the potential to bring Earth Gen’s production to approximately 15,000 tons worth about $7,500,000 . With this added production shipments will also be made to China and other larger buyers of Castor Beans.