Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy for Transportation

Almost 75% of all U.S. consumption of diesel fuel is for transportation. Farms equipment, construction equipment and heating oil use the balance of 25%.   Soybean oil and canola oil provide almost all of the vegetable oil presently used in the U.S. to blend with diesel fuel to create a blended “Bio-Diesel” fuel, which government regulation defines as a “Clean Energy” product. The blended diesel oil must consist of at least 20% vegetable oil and 80% diesel oil and is called “B20” (Biodiesel).  Biodiesel may also be 5%, 10% or even 100% vegetable oil. The vegetable oil from the castor beans is not yet in large enough supply as all Castor Bean Oil is being used in manufacturing industrial and chemical products and is not being used to blend biodiesel fuel.

Over 2 Billion US Dollars of excess food grade soybean and canola oil go into the production of biodiesel. This compares with the total value of the world wide annual non-food Castor Bean crop, which is 2.2 Billion US Dollars.  Castor Bean oil also has properties that make it much more suitable for blending with diesel to create fuel without using food grade oil that could be used to lower the cost of vegetable oil worldwide.